The Right product

With our more than 25 years of experience, we can provide you with carriers tailored precisely to your requirements. Our portfolio covers all types of transport carriers from pressed parts to assembly parts and automotive-external solutions. Our focus is on transport systems with integrated handling columns technique. 100% of the production of all columns is done in-house.


In the Right quality

Continuous ingoing and outgoing controls ensure a high standard of quality through ongoing training and audits - both in-house and off-site by our suppliers – that is steadily improving. Both Josta GmbH and Stauner palet are ISO certified according to ISO 9001:2008. Ultra-modern machinery is also a guarantee of an accurate and fault-minimizing production. Your carriers can be measured and adjusted accurately using the latest 3D camera measurement systems upon request.


For the Right costs

A high proportion of in-house production and process-optimized manufacturing methods enable us to produce the desired product at optimal costs. Short distances from the laser centre to the welding stations and the in-house powder coating facility with adjoining assembly also constitute an advantage. Self-generated electricity, a 100% CNG-powered truck fleet and CO 2 neutral production also ensure manufacturing at low costs.


In the Right quantity

You will get your special or all-purpose carriers right in the quantities you need. Our flexible manufacturing system covers your needs from prototype to mass production. Stauner palet has a high capacity for laser, welding, painting and assembly works. An extensive and close-knit production network allows a very high degree of flexibility in production. Deliveries can be made according to your request and can be varied across the entire product cycle.


To the Right place

For the shipping of our carriers, we have our own fleet of trucks and work together with a shipping company that works exclusively for Stauner / Josta. This ensures maximum flexibility for all deliveries within Europe. Furthermore, we use a couple of delivery companies as long-term partners, where we can purchase just-in-time freight at low costs. Through close cooperation with several shipping companies, we can offer you overseas delivery too, if necessary.


At the Right time

Your orders will be delivered to you securely and on time. Multiple systems interact for in-house and external scheduling and make sure that your carriers are made available to you at the agreed time. Due to our high degree of flexibility, we manage to make critical deadlines as well.