CO2 neutral production

We use the waste heat from a biogas plant located at a distance of 0.5 km for:

  • the washing facility in our powder coating facility
  • our assembly halls
  • our offices in Klíčov

>> Constant energy prices and CO2-free heating supply

Electricity production from our own solar systems

  • in-house photovoltaic power plant with an annual amount of energy
    of 25 gWh
  • energy demand of our laser centre is almost completely covered by in-house production
  • offices are 100% supplied with in-house green electricity

>> Reduction of energy costs by 25% with greater productivity

Own electric vehicle fleet

  • electric cars and hybrid cars for employees
  • 100% supply with green electricity from our own power stations

>> Away from fossil fuel

Eco-friendly truck fleet

  • forklifts are 100% CNG-powered
  • supply through our own CNG station

>> In-house conservation of resources