Welding capacities:

  • Schweissarbeiten_stauner paletup to 20.000 hours per week in HP Kovo and at our partner businesses
  • up to 3.500 steel carriers per week on average
  • of that, in-house own welding capacity approx. 25%


Serial quantities for automotive applications realised in 2019:

  • all-purpose carriers approx. 120.000 pieces
  • special carriers approx. 52.000 pieces

Kompetenz_stauner palet


Manufacturing capacities:

  • all-purpose carriers: weekly capacity up to 3.000 pieces
  • special carriers: weekly capacity of 1.000 – 1.500 pieces with handling columns and plastic battens


Development capacities:

  • up to 3.000 hours per month



We can optimize our capacities according to your needs.