Examples of use of FEM analysis

The "Finite Elements Method" (FEM) is a special procedure used in engineering and the ideal tool for solid object simulation.

In that way, we can identify any problem areas in the case of deformation with regard to elasticity by means of linear analysis as early as during the development of a transport container.
This is important, for example, in order to identify weak static points or problems which could occur later due to dynamic loads while we are still sitting in front of the PC.

For example, we can also simulate the strain that will develop in certain zones of the transport system when the forklift truck picks up the rack centrally, and how the strain values change when the pallet is picket up further outwards.

Then we can strengthen identified problem areas immediately in terms of development and optimise them in such a way that your transport systems are absolutely safe later on in the field.

The FEM analysis is a valuable tool enabling us to design your load carriers right from the beginning in such a way that you can use your optimum system solution in the field later on.