Plastics / Plastic coatings


  • in-house coating line
  • based on soft PVC material with a “Shore hardness of 40-60 Shore A
  • layer thicknesses of up to 2 mm
  • unilateral or bilateral cushioning possible
  • individual geometric shapes
  • optionally abrasion-proof (confirmed setting of> 6 years in the automotive industry)

Plastic strips forms:

  • selectively injected, cast or milled
  • Selectable strength of about 40 to 90 Shore A
  • Material: PU, PVC, PP / PE, TPE, EPDM,
  • Colours can be selected individually
  • Bars with lengths up to 2.3 m possible


casted gear batten








milled gear batten








sprayed form







plastic covered pawls