One of our core competencies is the development and manufacturing of handling systems of all kinds.


Whether simple or highly complex handling column towers systems, we can offer you the perfect solution for your specific requirement with our detailed know-how.

Our portfolio includes:

  • horizontal handling columns
  • vertical handling columns
  • oblique handling columns
  • special constructions
  • plastic coated latches
  • plastic sprayed latches
  • handling columns with central locking
  • handling columns with double handles
  • and many more

The handling columns are mounted by hand on our premises. The pawls, the pawl column casing, the deflector and many other components are manufactured on our own laser systems.

The manufacturing of the components and the assembly of the columns is realised according to the most exacting quality standards.

Our weekly capacity is up to 3.000 units in 2-shift operation.

Here is an extract from the possible variants:

Undercut to accommodate complex boundary geometries.

Each pawl is provided with a spacer to lock the pawl columns centrally in the filled state.
Design example for specific uptake of the bearing part

horizontal handling column with plastic frame for fixing and locking: the latch column is automatically locked and unlocked centrally.

vertical column with special shape for receiving the bearing part

plastic-coated handle to protect the bearing parts

vertical column with central locking